[Book Review] Amazon Secrets Revealed

Patrick GallagherAmazon Secrets Revealed: How To Sell More Books on Amazon.com

by Patrick X. Gallagher

An excellent purchase for any Kindle author

Patrick Gallagher’s book is packed with very helpful advice to get your book listings stand out from the Amazon crowd!

The author covers topics such as SEO specific to Amazon, making the most of keywords, what role ratings play in rankings, increasing your books visibility, and how to research your competitors.

Although I have read a great deal on this topic – I learned some amazing new tips that I can take action on immediately to improve my book rankings!

Amazon Secrets Revealed also contains handy feedback on methods and tools that are not worth using, saving authors the time and money of trial and error. I would have liked to have seen the “what doesn’t work” tips clearly marked in a different color or font type.

Overall, the book is an excellent purchase for any Kindle author to boost their sales and reach a wider audience. I consider this to be an absolute must-read for authors who have seen their existing book sales trickle to a halt, or to read before publishing a new book.

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