[Book Review] The Long Leg of Italy

italyThe Long Leg of Italy

by Rosalie Marsh

An Entertaining and Informative Exploration of Italy

The Long Leg of Italy is an excellent account of a couples experience traveling through Italy.

Rosalie has included beautiful photos, along with great detail of her travels through culturally and historically rich places including Rome, Florence, Venice, Sorrento, and wider Italy.

Her account of her dealings with the Vatican were particularly interesting to read.

This book catalogs Rosalie’s Italy experience with food, religion, stunning attractions, transport, and the epic history that this country has to offer.

The Long Leg of Italy is a part of the Just Us Two travel series, and once you have read it, you are sure to want to check out the others!

Overall this is an outstanding book for anyone that enjoys travel.

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[Book Review] Amazon Secrets Revealed

Patrick GallagherAmazon Secrets Revealed: How To Sell More Books on Amazon.com

by Patrick X. Gallagher

An excellent purchase for any Kindle author

Patrick Gallagher’s book is packed with very helpful advice to get your book listings stand out from the Amazon crowd!

The author covers topics such as SEO specific to Amazon, making the most of keywords, what role ratings play in rankings, increasing your books visibility, and how to research your competitors.

Although I have read a great deal on this topic – I learned some amazing new tips that I can take action on immediately to improve my book rankings!

Amazon Secrets Revealed also contains handy feedback on methods and tools that are not worth using, saving authors the time and money of trial and error. I would have liked to have seen the “what doesn’t work” tips clearly marked in a different color or font type.

Overall, the book is an excellent purchase for any Kindle author to boost their sales and reach a wider audience. I consider this to be an absolute must-read for authors who have seen their existing book sales trickle to a halt, or to read before publishing a new book.

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[Book Review] LinkedIn Secrets Revealed

linkedin secrets revealedLinkedIn Secrets Revealed: 10 Secrets To Unlocking Your Complete Profile on LinkedIn.com
by Patrick X. Gallagher

An essential read for any professional on LinkedIn

“LinkedIn Secrets Revealed” contains invaluable tips and tricks for getting your LinkedIn profile noticed.

Patrick has written an outstanding guide that can be used for building a LinkedIn profile from scratch, or to improve what you already have.

Overall an outstanding read that provides everything you need to know without any fluff.

I recommend that all LinkedIn users read this book and act on Patrick’s tips.

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[Book Review] Shattered by the Wars

shatteredShattered by the Wars: But Sustained by Love
by Hi-Dong Chai

Extraordinary book that will renew your faith

A touching account of how love and faith carried a family through war and suffering in Korea.

“Shattered by the Wars” is an outstanding and realistic look at religious persecution, war, despair, and staying strong through prayer.

Hi-Dong Chai provides readers with an invaluable gift by sharing his heart and soul along with his story. “Shattered by the Wars” is well written and has left me feeling incredibly fortunate to live in a country where freedom is taken for granted.

I highly recommend reading this book and absorbing its message of hope, strength, love and faith.

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[Book Review] Love or Hate Email… 21 Rules to Change Your – I Must Check my Email Habit

Love Or Hate EmailLove or Hate Email… 21 Rules to Change Your – I Must Check my Email Habit
by Patrick X. Gallagher

A ‘Must Read’ for every modern worker and manager

At first glance, I was dubious about this book. Email is so simple… what could I possibly learn. I was SO WRONG! After putting into practice the tips and tricks that Patrick outlines I have massively cut down on the amount of time spent handling my emails.

Patrick provides straight forward examples and free tools you can use to speed up and track the email process.

My only regret is that I didn’t read this book earlier.

I highly recommend that EVERYONE read this book, and that employers makes it a part of their induction reading for new staff. The time/cost benefit of using Patrick’s RWEF system for handling emails is staggering.

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[Book Review] Sir Thomas ‘British Tommy’ Armstrong and the War Between the States

British TommySir Thomas ‘British Tommy’ Armstrong and the War Between the States
by Barry Tighe

A humorous account of the American Civil War

Barry has done an excellent job of bringing the American Civil War to the casual reader with Sir Thomas ‘British Tommy’ Armstrong and the War Between the States humorous adventures.

Tommy, our quick witted hero, is developed well as a character and thrown into situations with well known figures from the war.

Up until now I have mainly read historical fiction based in England and Europe, however Barry’s well researched and written tale based on the American Civil War has convinced me to broaden my horizons!

Overall a highly enjoyable read.

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[Book Review] The Healthy Smoothie Bible

smoothieThe Healthy Smoothie Bible
by Farnoosh Brock

Ultimate guide to becoming healthy, happy and energetic

The Healthy Smoothie Bible is an easy to read guide that outlines the ease, efficiency, and benefits of incorporating smoothies into your lifestyle.

Farnoosh shares her journey, inspiration, and knowledge about healthy smoothies.

I was impressed by the sheer volume of useful and practical information to get started in the world of smoothies and how I could easily search through the list of recipes by major ingredient.

Farnoosh talks about choosing ingredients, good combinations, and guidelines on mixing and matching for delicious results.

Despite my default aversion to anything green, this book managed to convince me to give it a try and now I’ll never go back!

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[Book Review] Self Publishing: Writing A Book And Publishing Books And eBooks For Yourself And Others

self-pubSelf Publishing: Writing A Book And Publishing Books And eBooks For Yourself And Others
by A William Benitez

An excellent self-publishing reference guide for new authors

As a visual learner, the way this book details each process step by step and provides screenshots not only made it a joy to read, it also helped me absorb the information.

William provides valuable information about editing your own work and free tools you can use to aid you in the process.

There is an excellent chapter covering the need to use publishing software rather than a word processor to make your book print ready. While there is a great deal about software such as PagePlus X4, I was a little disappointed that there was no mention of Calibre, a free and open source e-book editing tool that is used by many self-publishers.

Overall William’s book is extremely comprehensive and covers all you need to know regarding creating and self-publishing your book.

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[Book Review] Letters to My Children

lettersLetters to My Children
by Russell Bittner

A Touching Account of Overcoming Life’s Challenges as a Father

A touching account of how emotional closeness between father and children is maintained through physical distance and the highs and lows of life.

When I first came across “Letters to My Children”, I was not sure what to expect. On the surface it seemed like this book would be something only the author and his family would find relevant. I was most pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case.

“Letters to My Children” is extremely well written and provides a realistic account of how a father endeavors to maintain close emotional ties to his children while struggling with physical distance and self-doubts.

Fathers, sons and daughters could all certainly relate to this book and its overall message of hope, daring to dream and overcoming life’s challenges.

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[Book Review] Gluten Free Baking Recipes

gfbakingGluten Free Baking Recipes
by Amy Wingate

An essential for any gluten free home cook!

Cooking when gluten intolerant is a challenge. Especially when it comes to baked goodies.

With the higher cost of gluten free ingredients, experimenting with different recipes only to find that the resulting cake ends up resembling a brick, is very disheartening, and trying to convince your children to try eating gluten free cookies can be difficult when they look (and taste) less than great.

In this book “Gluten Free Baking Recipes”, Amy has not only given readers a mixture of easy to create, affordable, yummy recipes. She has also made the results attractive for your kids!

Amy has also included her favorite gluten free flour mixes that will guarantee you get the best results from your baking!

Her ‘Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies’ had the kids in the neighborhood begging for more!

I highly recommend this book for anyone that has any family members with gluten allergies.

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