Virtual Book Tour: Echoes


Title: Echoes

Author: P.J. Roscoe

Paperback: 402 pages

Genre: Supernatural/Historical Fiction

Format: Paperback/Kindle

ISBN-13: 9780692333853




Paula lives in North Wales with husband and daughter, their three cats and a dog. She walks every day, dances whenever she can and sings loudly (hoping nobody is listening!)

‘Echoes’ was written following the tragic death of her son, who died at birth. It has transformed many times and after numerous rejections, it was put away for a few years, but Paula always knew she’d have to finish it and finally in July 2012 she self-published. ‘Echoes went on to win the e-book category in the Paris book festival and has so far received an Honourable mention in both the London and New England book awards. It was accepted by Christine F Anderson Publishing in August 2014 and was re-launched in November 2014.

Paula says, “I am an author, holistic therapist, qualified counsellor, a Chakradance and drumming facilitator, Mum to a child with Autism, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a woman and goddess. Not necessarily in that order, but I work damned hard at all of them!” She lives by the quote she put in the book ‘Live life, never merely exist’.




‘Echoes’ is set near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Bronwen Mortimer, a young woman moves to a quiet village in the hope of disappearing and starting a new life where no one knows her after suffering years of abuse, but the echoes of the land refuse to lie quietly and when she witnesses a horrific murder, she must face her past to have any chance of living in the present.

Moving between the present day and 15th century, when Henry Tudor claimed the throne. There were many casualties of war, but some refuse to be forgotten.



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